MBC Foreign High School and University Education Counseling Center

MBC Coaching will guide our students who would like to continue their highschool or college education abroad, by informing them, considering their lifestyles, learning styles and academic knowledge, and also offering them budget friendly options.

Ideally, the preparation process for foreign undergraduate education starts by composing a profile for the student in the 9th grade. We compose a profile after analyzing his/her personality, psychological status, interests, talents, habits and communication with his/her surroundings. Thus, we map an ideal career map with our students.

After the list of appropriate education institutions is made, our student’s foreign language and academic levels are determined and he/she is guided for preparation, and his/her registration for the test is planned. Our student is also guided in terms of social and sports activities which will give him/her priority in the application step.

As MBC Coaching, we stand with our students in each and every step in the admission process, including college applications, writing of the college articles, preparation of reference letters and financial planning.

Our experts meet with college representetatives from all around the world in reputable international expositions each year and carry out reciprocal visits in order to continue our corporal relationships with reputable educational institutions abroad and serve in a broad portfolio.


Providing education in the world’s best schools

Making a difference by enrolling our graduates to internationally renowned universities

Gaining competitive advantage by means of the Foreign Consultancy Service that is provided

Serving the needs of the group of students who aim for studying abroad

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